Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Technology? Pah!

And people wonder why I've not gotten round to broadband until now...

I was supposed to go on-line on Friday 11th May - but trying to log on Friday night just got me "Activation failed" every time. So I rang the provider on Saturday morning. Apparently there was a conflict between host names. They couldn't do anything about it then, because the team don't work on weekends. Could I ring back on Monday.

So I did.

Went through pretty much the same conversation again. I was told they'd give me a slightly different hostname to get round the problem. That night a message was left on my answer phone to say the hostname had successfully been changed.

Rang the next morning to sort out a new log on password. That was agreed upon. That night I tried logging on to broadband and... You guessed - still not working.

Another phone call.

Not only was the password we'd agreed that morning not active, but the conflict hadn't been fixed either. They'd ring me back the next day.

It's now 14:35 the next day - still no phone call. I have no braodband access at home, I'm  no longer able to check my emails at work, and even the WebMail page doesn't respond.

The operator I spoke to last night was very apologetic, and said he was sorry for the inconvenience. I pointed out that since I'm in the middle of the submission period for an anthology I'm editing, it was a damned sight more than inconvenient!


I knew this would happen, which is why I held off migrating to broafdband so long. Wish I'd held off longer...

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