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DC Showcase Presents: The War That Time Forgot

DC Comics’ Showcase Presents library is – let’s face it – an exercise in nostalgia. Something for those of us who remember the days when just about every newsagent had a revolving stand of US comic books and which – long before the rise of specialist outlets – were the only sources for your monthly Superman and Spider-Man.
The Showcase Presents books contain 500 pages of black and white reprints from DC’s past: Green Lantern, Atom, Metamorpho, Aquaman, Superman, and Justice League ofAmerica among others – often in multiple volumes. For anyone who wants to revisit their childhood – or just to see what the Silver Age of comics was all about – it’s a cheap way to do it. But it can also be a chastening experience – a reminder that you really can’t go back…
The War That Time Forgot is a case in point. The title is an envelope term that covers a series of short comic strips originally published in Star-Spangled War Stories in the 1960s – off-kilter tales that sat oddly alongside your usual Al…

More Starblazer Adventures

Argentinean artist Enrique Alcatena has come on board the Starblazer Adventures - Legends ofAnglerre RPG supplement. He drew all of the original Anglerre-themed issues - so he should know just about as much as I do about the place.

Sadly, the budget probably won't stretch to any new artwork - but they'll be using some of Quique's panels as spot illustrations (we're presently charged with going through past issues and picking out our favourites and/or ones that give a feeling for the fantasy world that Anglerre inhabits). Almost like old times.