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Technology? Pah!

And people wonder why I've not gotten round to broadband until now...

I was supposed to go on-line on Friday 11th May - but trying to log on Friday night just got me "Activation failed" every time. So I rang the provider on Saturday morning. Apparently there was a conflict between host names. They couldn't do anything about it then, because the team don't work on weekends. Could I ring back on Monday.

So I did.

Went through pretty much the same conversation again. I was told they'd give me a slightly different hostname to get round the problem. That night a message was left on my answer phone to say the hostname had successfully been changed.

Rang the next morning to sort out a new log on password. That was agreed upon. That night I tried logging on to broadband and... You guessed - still not working.

Another phone call.

Not only was the password we'd agreed that morning not active, but the conflict hadn't been fixed either. They'd ring me back th…